Core values

At Inrego we value honesty, modesty, respect, loyalty, proactivity, implementation, performance and other people's time. We are against the misuse of power, hierarchies and bureaucracy, and we like to keep things simple, professional, fast, accurate and engaging.

Sales and customers

At Inrego our sales are our livelihood. We use every opportunity and all of our contacts to be able to sell more. We know that the customer pays our salaries and we always try to exceed our customers' expectations and make them happy by being responsive, professional and flexible.

Each other

At Inrego, we have confidence in each other and take responsibility. We trust each other and do what we have committed ourselves to do. We are open, straightforward and honest, and we solve problems directly. We work actively on further development and education, and we recognise and value performance.


We work at Inrego because we want to, because we have personally chosen Inrego and because it is fun. We see it as a challenge to always improve and develop Inrego. We help each other, we share information, we learn from the best and we test new ideas. We make changes on a daily basis and our personal goal is to be better at our jobs than our counterparts in other companies.


At Inrego, we think about saving money in everything that we do. One penny is one penny, and we manage Inrego's resources as if they were our own.

Environment and safety

At Inrego our mission is to minimise the impact of used IT equipment on the environment. We continually strive to minimise Inrego's environmental impact and we guarantee the security of our own and our customers' information.


At Inrego we make no distinction between people based on their gender, skin colour, origin, religion, age, job position, sexual orientation or disability. We treat everyone equally and with respect and we all contribute to inspiring each other and creating a pleasant working environment in our workplace.

At Inrego we cherish, communicate and live by our values, which permeate our actions in our daily work.