Inrego's mission is to minimise the impact of used IT equipment on the environment. This is how we have created a sustainable business that is good for our customers, the environment and ourselves. Our work is based on five focus areas, Finance, the Environment, Security, Quality and Social Responsibility.


  • Our goal is to extend the life of IT products on the market. In this way we contribute to the circular economy and create a business that benefits everyone.
  • By creating a winning business on every level and making good deals for the sales team, buyers, society and ourselves, we drive our growth and ensure our long-term survival.

The environment

  • We want to encourage more people in the community to reuse their IT equipment instead of recycling it.
  • When we conduct our activities, the impact on the environment and the climate should be as small as possible, especially when it comes to materials, transportation, energy, pollution and waste.
  • Through our "Responsible Management" programme, we ensure that the IT equipment that passes through us is managed in an environmentally-friendly manner.


  • Our information security work includes all of the information that Inrego manages and takes the accuracy of the information, its availability, confidentiality and traceability into account.
  • We manage customer equipment and its information like it was our own, in the correct manner and based on security requirements, and are always a safe and secure partner.


  • We want our customers and those around us to be happy with our services and products.
  • We create quality using our employees' creativity and ideas.
  • We work in a standardised manner but have the room to be flexible when necessary.
  • We always want to create value through our work.
  • We tackle problems from the ground up.

Social Responsibility

  • We want to influence the world around us as positively as possible.
  • We want to make IT equipment available to everyone.
  • We treat everyone equally and with respect, and we reject corruption, bribery
  • and misuse of power.
  • Working for Inrego should be fun, meaningful, secure, and open up possibilities. This is why we follow "Inrego's values" and run an active work environment.

We fulfil the requirements of laws and regulations in all respects.