Many of our customers choose to donate their IT equipment or the value of the products to charity as part of their CSR efforts. We are happy to help if you want to make a directed donation to a non-profit organisation.

The computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other IT products that you are phasing out and can be reused often create excess revenue that can be put back into the business or donated.

Several of our customers have already chosen to make donations to organisations including Stockholms Stadsmission and The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

"We are very grateful for all of the donations we have received through Inrego. They help us to continue our research and support affected children and their families," says Katarina Gustafsson from The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Computer sponsorship

We run our own donation programme called Datorfadder (computer sponsorship) in partnership with Stockholms Stadsmission. Others in society have a great need for computers and IT equipment. Through the programme, companies and organisations can donate computers and other IT equipment that is no longer used in their business or that they wish to donate.

We ensure that the equipment is tested and reconditioned and that the data is deleted. Products which work well and have a long remaining service life are donated to where they are needed most through Stockholms Stadsmission.

"There is widespread digital exclusion which is not talked about much and this is why computer sponsorship is a very good initiative that makes a tangible difference. The computers and mobile phones that we have received so far have been of great benefit and given joy to many people," says Hans Sundman, IT manager at Stockholms Stadsmission.

For questions about donations or the computer sponsorship (Datorfadder) programme, please write to us at

For questions regarding donations to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, please contact