Sustainable reuse of IT equipment

The computers, mobile phones, tablets and other IT products you are phasing out can be reused and are needed by other people in society, not least schools. We are specialised in lifecycle management and IT reuse. Our solutions strengthen your sustainability efforts through concrete CO2 savings and make the equipment valuable. The value of the equipment goes back to you or can be donated to charity.

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We collect the equipment, delete all of the data, report back and pay you.

Security and data deletion

We ensure that your equipment is handled in a secure manner in an unbroken chain of security from the time it leaves the desk until all business information is properly deleted and the equipment is made anonymous.

Hard drives and other storage media in computers, servers, smartphones and other IT products will be deleted in a secure manner with software from Blancco. After we have deleted the data, you will receive a certificate confirming that data deletion has been completed. Blancco's software is certified in both Europe and the US by independent test and evaluation institutions and meets the demands of leading deletion standards on the market today. The Swedish armed forces and NATO are just two of the organisations who have approved and use Blancco's programmes.

Information-bearing devices that cannot be deleted with software are destroyed mechanically at Inrego using degaussing equipment and then shipped to our recycling partners for disposal. With our services, you get full traceability through the serial number and proof that the information has been deleted.

Please read our review done together with Dagens Nyheter about not deleting files and documents on used IT equipment.

Our packages

To make it easier to reuse, we have produced five comprehensive package of solutions for different needs. Everything is included: valuation, transport, traceability, data destruction by erasing certificates, and audit of CO2 savings.



Säkerhetsklassat skåp

Upp till
60 produkter



Packa själv på pall

Upp till 100 produkter



Kartong för mindre volymer

Upp till 9 produkter



Låsbart kärl för mobiler

Upp till 50 mobiler

Packning på plats

Packning på plats

Vi packar & transporterar

Minimum 50 produkter

Retailers and finance companies

By building services based on residual value and reuse into their business, IT retailers and finance companies can create a stronger offering for their customers, strengthening their sustainability initiatives and increasing profitability.

We guarantee the residual value of the IT that you supply or rent for two, three or four years into the future, and take responsibility for the entire residual value risk. With customers in 70 countries worldwide, we maximise the value of the products and lower the total cost of ownership for the equipment. This allows for a stronger business structure that is also sustainable.

Sustainability key figures

We report on the economic and environmental benefits that reuse creates, which you may then communicate to your customers. Many companies now use key figures in their sustainability reports.

We take responsibility for the entire chain surrounding reuse in terms of safe transportation, logistics, data deletion or destruction of hard drives and finally reporting.

  • Fredrik Höher, Jönköping County Council
  • Bengt Sjöberg, Cloetta
  • Erik Håkansson, Stockholm University
  • Magnus Lindwall, Telia Finance
  • Lennart Högstedt, Helsingborg
  • Karin Bodin, Polarbröd
  • Henrik Nottorp, Lund University


Which organisations sell IT equipment to you?

We work in partnership with a large number of companies and organisations in Sweden, and we help them to manage their IT in a sustainable manner, and add value to the products. Some examples are Cloetta, the County Council of Jönköping and Stockholm University, but we also have many smaller businesses who sell their IT equipment to us./p>

How much IT equipment do you buy?

Last year we bought 260,000 IT products, such as computers, monitors and mobile phones, and over 90 per cent of the equipment could be reused, which means that it was resold on the second-hand market./p>

Can private individuals sell computers to you?

Unfortunately, at present we only buy from companies, government agencies and other organisations./p>