By choosing to reuse computers and IT products municipalities, counties and government agencies can both lower their IT costs and make procurement more sustainable as recommended by the National Agency for Public Procurement. We have collaborated with a large number of municipalities for many years through framework agreements and public procurement.

The National Agency for Public Procurement has developed a guide for organisations and companies that want to reduce their climate impact and strengthen their sustainability work in the IT field.

In the report it is stated that the majority of the environmental impact of IT equipment occurs during the manufacturing process and that purchasers and procurers should therefore promote increased reuse and the purchase of used products.

Excerpts from the guide titled "Datorers miljöpåverkan ur ett livscykelperspektiv" [The environmental impact of computers from a service life perspective]:

  • "At procurement there are two choices: to buy new equipment or to reuse equipment. Buying reused equipment has a positive environmental and economic impact."
  • "Increase the service life of your computer by reusing products either within your organisation or by selling them to a reuse company that reconditions and sells used IT products. The sale will generate a revenue for the contracting organisation while the reduced carbon footprint can be included in the environmental reporting, for example."