700 schools have already seen the light

Reusing IT reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves the earth's raw materials. Reusing one computer generates a carbon dioxide saving of 109 kg. Every product from Inrego is thoroughly inspected and tested at component level.

We provide over 700 schools and educational organisations in Sweden with computers and IT tools, software and services and have extensive knowledge and experience of implementing 1:1 initiatives in schools.

Our working model for schools and educational organisations is based on a holistic approach. We help by providing advice about IT financing and insurance of IT products. In collaboration with educators, we can also organise courses to strengthen teachers' IT skills and give them better opportunities to take advantage of ICT in education.

Reuse is a smarter solution

Hermods, ABF, Gällivare and Laholm municipality are some of the organisations who have chosen us as their supplier and been able to halve their hardware costs while giving more students access to modern computers and IT tools. The economic benefits are of course important, but the effects on sustainability weigh heavily. The fact that reusing IT works and creates environmental benefits is an important message for both students and teachers.

Just as many possibilities, more benefits

More intelligent consumption through renting IT equipment

Whether you have different term lengths for the 1:1 solution, teacher computers, or need to fill a computer lab which we update every three years, we have an attractive financing solution. We have a wide range of computers, projectors and other IT products (please see the range in our online shop) to rent for short or long periods and can provide a solution tailored to your needs.

  • Complete solution with a contact interface.
  • The equipment is delivered ready to use and we take care of all the logistics.
  • Lower cost, cheaper than leasing.
  • When the rental period expires, you can buy, continue to rent or return the equipment.
  • Fast IT support and full warranty.

"Oops; I didn't mean to do that!" – Upgrade with Inrego's comprehensive insurance

Inrego's comprehensive insurance is a simple and secure solution which gives you comprehensive protection should an accident occur. With Inrego as the only point of contact, the matter is quickly dealt with and you do not have to worry about the user being without a computer while the insurance case is ongoing.

Comprehensive insurance, called drulleförsäkring in Swedish, covers the type of damage caused by unforeseen events. Examples are if the user accidentally spills liquid on the keyboard, or if the computer is stolen.

Get started more quickly with a complete image

Our computers can always be delivered with customised software, known as an 'image'. In this way, all the units contain the same applications and settings at delivery, making it quicker to get started. For larger volumes, we offer a test computer that you prepare with the required software, then we 'clone' the unit so that your entire order is delivered with a unified software configuration.

  • Erik Håkansson, Stockholm University
  • Hans Gardelin, Eskilstuna
  • Erik Knudsen, Hermods
  • Ulla Hamilton, Friskolornas riksförbund
  • Henrik Nottorp, Lunds universitet
  • Magnus Jansson, ABF Utvecklingsbolag
  • Mattias Lagerquist, Gudhemsskolan


Where do the products come from?

In general they have been used previously in Swedish companies and organisations. We buy computers, mobile phones and other IT equipment from organisations when they replace their IT equipment, which often happens every three years, or more often. We also purchase remaining quantities of new products and demo models from retailers etc.

How old are the products?

It varies. The majority of the equipment we sell is between one and three years' old, but we often have items such as nearly new products and demo models in our range.

Are there any obstacles in the Public Procurement Act (LOU) to buying used/reconditioned IT equipment?

No, there are no obstacles in LOU and it is, for example, possible to buy used equipment through a direct procurement if the amount is below the threshold of SEK 505,800,000. Of course it is also possible to do a normal procurement for reconditioned IT and/or establish a framework agreement with a supplier of reconditioned IT.