A smarter way of buying and renting computers

Inrego is Sweden's largest retailer of reused IT products with accompanying services. Every week, we deliver over 5,000 computers and other IT products to companies, schools, municipalities and private individuals. We make it just as secure to buy and rent second-hand IT products as it is to buy new ones. You get the same performance, quality and warranty. You also get more for your money and contribute to a more sustainable society and a circular economy.

The advantages with our products

Environmentally intelligent products
Reusing IT reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves the earth's raw materials. Reusing one computer generates a carbon dioxide saving of 109 kg.

Every product from Inrego is thoroughly inspected and tested at component level.

Product warranty
We always provide a warranty and you can also extend the warranty period.

Customer service and support
Fast and professional help from our skilled computer technicians.

Trade-in guarantee
Our trade-in guarantee means that if you buy a product from us and want to buy another product within two years you get 25 per cent of the purchase price for the old product in the form of discount on the new product when you trade the old product in.


We provide over 700 schools and educational organisations with computers and IT tools, software and services and have extensive experience of implementing 1:1 initiatives in schools.

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Public sector

We collaborate with a large number of municipalities and government agencies through public procurement and framework agreements. Read more about procurement rules.

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More and more companies choose to buy or rent from us to save money and reinforce sustainability efforts. With our concept of IT as a service, there are even more benefits.

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Private individuals

We have the biggest range of tested professional computers and other IT products on the market. They all come with a warranty and free customer service and support.

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Renting and financing

Do you need extra computers for a week or a long-term rental solution with financing? We have a wide range of computers, projectors and other IT products to rent for short or long periods and can provide a solution tailored to your needs.

  • Complete solution with a contact interface.
  • The equipment is delivered ready to use and we take care of all the logistics.
  • Lower cost, cheaper than leasing.
  • When the rental period expires, you can buy, continue to rent or return the equipment.
  • Fast IT support and full warranty.

IT as a service

With IT as a service we provide companies and organisations with computers, accessories, software, maintenance and support services for a fixed monthly fee. You get a complete IT solution and no longer need to spend time and resources on IT operations. Read more about the service here.

Test program

We sell over 20,000 computers and other IT products per month with guarantee included. All our products have passed a extensive testing program where all key components, and each function has been checked and tested thoroughly. Among other tested:

Battery, mouse, hard disk and keyboard.

Pixel functionality, brightness and color reproduction.

Capacitors, network adapters, connectors and optical drives.

  • Ove Bengtsson, Laholm
  • Hans Gardelin, Eskilstuna
  • Karin Bodin, Polarbröd
  • Erik Norberg, Hästens
  • Jonas Furne, Teknikmagasinet
  • Micael Widell, Fyndiq
  • Erik Knudsen, Hermods


Is every product covered by a warranty?

Yes. We provide a warranty of at least one year on all of our computers, excluding batteries. Our warranty period for mobile phones is six months. You can also choose to extend the warranty by taking out a further two year warranty. Read more about what is covered by our warranty in our Terms and Conditions.

What condition are the products in?

The used computers we sell are in very good condition and our customers often say that our products look new even though they have already been used for a year or two. If there are any cosmetic defects beyond normal wear and tear this is stated in the product description.

How can a used computer be better for the environment?

Reusing a product is always better for the environment than buying a new product, as producing new IT products consumes large amounts of energy, raw materials and chemicals. By choosing reconditioned equipment you contribute to a more sustainable society and make an important contribution to the environment.

Reusing reduces greenhouse gas emissions. A calculation model that researchers at the prestigious Technische Universität in Berlin created shows that a desktop computer that is reused for three more years generates a carbon saving of 109 kg. The corresponding figure for a laptop: 69 kg, an LCD monitor; 41 kg, a mobile phone: 27 kg.