Reusing is better than recycling. That is Inrego’s overarching concept for reducing the impact of used IT equipment on the environment and public health, and also as laid down in the UN StEP initiative (Solving the E-waste Problem).

At Inrego we work with the re-selling and recycling of IT equipment within our Responsible Waste Management Programme, the aim of which is to ensure that IT equipment passed on by us is used for a good purpose while counteracting the export of electronic waste material.

The programme entails:

  • That Inrego’s ambition is to lead developments within responsible asset recovery by continuously updating facts from the field and developing and evaluating our work in compliance with our mission statement in order to minimise the environmental impact of used IT equipment.
  • That Inrego shall only export and sell-on useful equipment to ensure reuse at the next step and to counteract the export of electronic waste.
  • That Inrego shall sell equipment, primarily to end-users and secondarily to contracted retailers. Contracted retailers guarantee that the equipment is handled correctly in compliance with Inrego’s guidelines.
  • That Inrego documents the traceability via serial numbers on all units, which is then passed on by Inrego who follows up that dispatches go to the intended destination.
  • That Inrego only entrusts certified partners for environmentally correct handling of equipment to be recycled.
  • That Inrego does not export IT scrap or low value IT equipment with a short remaining service life.
  • That Inrego complies with Swedish and European laws and ordinances relating to the handling of electronic waste.
  • That Inrego complies with applicable laws and ordinances when exporting products.
  • That Inrego’s export policy excludes the export of products to countries know as e-waste hotspots or which come under trade embargos.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the programme.