Sell IT equiptment

Can private individuals sell computers to you?

Unfortunately, at present we only buy from companies, government agencies and other organisations.

How is data on hard drives and storage media handled?

Data on hard drives and other storage media is deleted with a certified programme (Blancco) or disposed of. Once this has been done you receive a certificate to show that the data deletion or disposal has been completed. Security is a key element of our business and we have been certified according to the ISO 27001 standard for information security since 2008.

What happens to the equipment when it reaches you?

After a product has been registered using the serial number, and data deletion has been completed, we carry out a number of functional tests, reconditioning measures and upgrades to extend the life of the product. The products that are judged to have a long remaining service life are sold on the second-hand market, to organisations such as schools.

How can reuse be good for the environment?

Reuse saves the earth's raw materials and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It takes 1.8 tonnes of raw materials, chemicals and energy to produce one new computer. This means that if you can extend a computer's service life by three to four years, there are considerable environmental benefits. The carbon dioxide savings alone from reusing a computer amount to 109 kilos. This represents the amount of energy needed to power a refrigerator for ten years.

When do customers get paid for their IT equipment?

We pay the agreed value for the equipment after deductions for any services within 30 days.

What is the valuation based on?

Valuations are based on world market prices on the second-hand market for used IT. We buy and sell IT equipment in more than 70 countries worldwide and can always get the correct market value for the equipment. In this way, we can ensure that you get the best price for the IT that you are replacing.

Who buys the equipment?

One large customer group is municipal and private schools, but there are also an increasing number of companies, government agencies and private individuals who want to get more IT for their money at the same time as doing something for the environment, who choose to buy reconditioned and tested IT.

Buying & renting IT equipment

What condition are the products in?

The used computers we sell are in very good condition and our customers often say that our products look new even though they have already been used for a year or two. If there are any cosmetic defects beyond normal wear and tear this is stated in the product description.

How does delivery work?

Ordered goods are normally delivered within 5 working days through the Swedish post. When the product is sent from our warehouse you will receive a delivery confirmation email with a tracking number that you can use to track where the product is.

If the packaging is damaged or there are missing packages please notify the carrier immediately. Responsibility for the goods is transferred to the buyer when the goods are received and acknowledged. If you discover that the item has been damaged during delivery when you unpack it, please inform Inrego as soon as possible.

Can you send photos of the product that I am thinking of buying?

This is not possible, but there are photos of the models available in our online shop.

How old are the products and where do they come from?

The majority of the equipment we sell is between one and three years' old, but we often have items such as nearly new products and demo models in our range. In general the products have been used previously in Swedish companies and organisations. We buy computers, mobile phones and other IT equipment from organisations when they replace their IT equipment, which often happens every three years, or more often.

How long can you expect a computer from Inrego to work for?

A long time as long as you look after and care for your computer. We only sell professional computers and products which we believe have a life span of several years, and which pass our stringent tests.

Is every product covered by a warranty?

Yes. We provide a warranty of at least one year on all of our computers, excluding batteries. Our warranty period for mobile phones is six months. You can also choose to extend the warranty by taking out a further two year warranty. Read more about what is covered by our warranty in our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if the product breaks anyway?

We will repair it or alternatively exchange it with an equivalent model free of charge.

How can a used computer be better for the environment?

Reusing a product is always better for the environment than buying a new product, as producing new IT products consumes large amounts of energy, raw materials and chemicals. By choosing reconditioned equipment you contribute to a more sustainable society and make an important contribution to the environment.

Reusing reduces greenhouse gas emissions. A calculation model that researchers at the prestigious Technische Universität in Berlin created shows that a desktop computer that is reused for three more years generates a carbon saving of 109 kg. The corresponding figure for a laptop: 69 kg, an LCD monitor; 41 kg, a mobile phone: 27 kg.

Can you install special software for me?

Of course. We can upgrade computers with software such as Windows 7/10 or Office upon request. We can also install other software or install a complete image before computers leave our warehouse.

Can you send products abroad?

Yes, but our warranty is only valid in Sweden.

What does your customer support include?

We give full customer support and our hardware has a warranty. If, for example, a component in the hardware fails during the warranty period, you are entitled to get this part repaired/replaced. Alternatively we exchange the whole computer/product for the same product or an equivalent one. However, we do not offer software support.

What does it cost to rent computers?

It varies and depends on the type of equipment, performance level, the volumes involved and how long you need to rent the products for. Phone us on +46 (0)8-50 10 90 10 or email hyra@inrego.se so we can find a solution for your needs;

Are rented products under warranty?

You always have a full warranty and IT support during the rental period. We only rent professional equipment from manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo and Apple, and all of our products are thoroughly tested and fully functional.

What software is included on rented computers?

Computers are always delivered with the operating system Windows 7 Pro and are ready for immediate use. If you have any other requirements or want us to prepare equipment with other software or your own image files we can do so.

How long does the delivery of rented equipment take?

We always have a wide variety of equipment in stock and can deliver immediately.

Can anyone rent from you?

All companies and organisations can rent IT equipment from us.

How do you handle data on storage media after the rental period?

We ensure that all data is deleted from equipment using certified software after the end of the rental period.

Do I have to commit to a certain rental period?

You can rent for anything between one day and thirty six months. You rent according to your needs and pay accordingly.